Can You Wash Copper Mugs in the Dishwasher

Copper mug in the dishwasher after sipping that refreshing Moscow Mule, I’ve got some info for you. Now, we all love the shiny look of a clean copper mug sitting on our shelves, ready for the next chill evening. But when it comes to care for copper mugs, it’s a little more hands-on than just throwing them in with your plates and spoons.

Copper mugs, including those stylish mule mugs and Moscow Mule mugs, need some special attention to keep them looking great. Although it might be tempting to just pop your copper cup into the dishwasher and call it a day, it’s not the best move if you want to keep them in tip-top shape. Cleaning copper, especially those mugs, is something you’ll want to do with a bit more TLC.

So before you consider the dishwasher, let’s talk about why and how you can keep your copper mugs sparkling the old-fashioned way. Trust me, a little extra effort goes a long way in keeping those mugs ready for your next round of Moscow Mules!

How to Clean Copper Mugs Without Tarnish: Skip the Dishwasher

How to Clean Copper Mugs Without Tarnish: Skip the Dishwasher

How you can keep those copper mugs of yours looking sharp and shiny without them going all tarnish on you. First things first, you gotta steer clear of that dishwasher if you want to maintain that beautiful patina. Here’s the scoop on doing it right:

Start with the Basics

Before you go grabbing any old cleaner from under the sink, remember, the key is to use a soft approach. Grab yourself a soft cloth or a sponge – nothing too abrasive for your lined copper mugs. You’ll want to avoid harsh scrubbing which can damage the copper’s natural finish.

Simple Cleaning Solution

Mix up some warm water with a gentle detergent. This is your go-to for a quick cleanup after those Moscow Mule nights. Dip your sponge or soft cloth in this soapy water and gently wipe your mugs. Rinse them with plain warm water and then, very important, dry them immediately with another soft cloth to prevent water spots.

Dealing with Tarnish

Now, if your copper cookware is starting to show some tarnish, don’t sweat it—use white vinegar for removal. You can handle this at home with some simple ingredients. Make a paste with one tablespoon of salt and a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, then add a little warm water to get it to the right consistency. Apply this paste with your soft cloth and gently rub it onto the tarnished areas. This mild abrasive will help lift the tarnish without being too harsh on the copper.

Natural Shine Booster

For an extra shine, believe it or not, ketchup works wonders. Yup, ketchup! The mild acidity helps to brighten up the copper. Slather a thin layer of ketchup over the mug, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe and rinse. Just like that, your copper mug is looking good as new.

Keep That Glow

To maintain that gorgeous glow and keep the patina intact, always dry your copper mugs immediately after washing. Never leave them to air dry, as lingering water can lead to tarnish. Regular, gentle cleaning will keep them in top shape for your next round of drinks.

So, there you have it! Cleaning your copper mugs by hand may seem like a bit of extra work, but it’s totally worth it for the shine and longevity of your favorite drinking buddy. Skip the dishwasher, treat them with some TLC, and those mugs will keep the Moscow Mules coming for years to come. Cheers!

Keep Your Copper Cup Shiny: Best Practices for a Lasting Patina

Keep Your Copper Cup Shiny: Best Practices for a Lasting Patina

Keeping your copper cup shining like new isn’t just about making it look pretty—it’s about protecting that unique patina that adds so much character. Here’s how you can care for your copper mugs, especially those awesome Moscow Mule copper mugs, and keep them looking their best.

Routine Cleaning: Keep It Gentle

When it comes to everyday cleaning of your copper cookware, stick to mild dish soap and warm water. This is the safest way to clean your copper without risking any damage. Use a soft sponge or cloth—never anything abrasive, as copper is a soft metal and scratches easily. After washing, always dry your copper mug immediately with a dry cloth to avoid water spots and further tarnish.

Tackling Tarnish: Safe and Effective Methods

Tarnished copper doesn’t mean ruined copper. To remove tarnish effectively and safely, consider using natural ingredients that are gentle on copper but tough on tarnish. One winning combo is vinegar and baking soda. Create a paste, apply it to the tarnished areas, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse off and dry thoroughly. For a quicker fix, lemon juice works great too. Just rub a slice directly on the tarnish, rinse, and dry.

Preventing Discoloration: Understand Your Copper

Copper mugs can tarnish from exposure to oxygen in the air and acidic substances. While a Moscow Mule’s ginger beer and lime aren’t typically harmful if the mug is lined (as many copper mugs are), it’s still good practice to rinse and dry your mug right after use. Pure copper mugs, which are not lined, can develop a patina over time which many appreciate for its rustic look. However, if you prefer to keep your copper shining, regular polishing is necessary to prevent copper mugs tarnish.

Long-Term Care: Avoid Common Mistakes

A key part of caring for your copper involves knowing what not to do. Copper mugs are not dishwasher safe due to the harsh chemicals and high heat, which can alter the copper’s surface. Also, steer clear of abrasive cleaners or pads which can scratch and damage the surface. Copper is a great thermal conductor, but it’s also prone to scratching and denting, so handle it with care.

Keep Your Copper’s Shine

For those who love the look of bright, shiny copper, occasional polishing with a commercial copper cleaner is recommended for your copper items. Always follow up any chemical treatment with a thorough rinse in soapy water to ensure it’s safe to drink from and to remove any chemical residue.

Maintaining your copper mugs isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about preserving the quality and safety of your drinkware from copper toxicity. With these simple, mindful practices, you can enjoy your beautiful copper mugs for many Moscow Mules to come!

Lemon and Salt: Natural Solutions to Remove Tarnish from Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Lemon and Salt: Natural Solutions to Remove Tarnish from Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Moscow Mule fans and copper mug lovers! Ever noticed your shiny mugs getting a bit dull? Don’t worry; you don’t need harsh chemicals or pricey copper cleaning products to bring back that sparkle. A simple duo of lemon and salt is a fantastic, natural way to remove tarnish and keep your copper mugs looking sharp. Here’s how to do it right and keep that tarnish at bay:

The Power of Lemon and Salt

Lemon and salt have been used for thousands of years as a natural cleaning combo, thanks to their abrasive and acidic properties. This makes them perfect for tackling the copper oxide that forms when your mugs get tarnished. The acidity of the lemon dissolves the tarnish, while the salt acts as a gentle abrasive to scrub it away.

Step-by-Step Cleaning

  1. Prepare Your Cleaning Mix: Slice a lemon in half and sprinkle a generous amount of salt on one of the cut sides to clean tarnished copper.
  2. Scrub Away: Use the salted lemon as a scrubber on the tarnished copper mug. Rub the lemon directly on the tarnished areas of your copper mug, squeezing slightly to release the lemon juice as you go to clean tarnished copper efficiently. For tougher spots, you can also use a soft toothbrush or add more salt.
  3. Rinse and Dry: Once you’ve given your mug a good scrub, rinse it off with soap and warm water to remove any lemon juice and salt residue. It’s crucial to dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth to ensure no moisture is left that could lead to further tarnishing of your copper items.

Caring for Your Copper

  • Routine Maintenance: After each use, hand-wash your copper mugs with mild dish soap and warm water to prevent copper toxicity. Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes; a soft cloth will do the trick.
  • Dry Immediately: Moisture can cause tarnishing, so make sure to dry your copper mugs right after washing. This simple step goes a long way in maintaining the mug’s luster.
  • Avoid Dishwashers: Copper mugs are not dishwasher safe, as the harsh chemicals and heat can damage the metal. Always opt for hand-washing to preserve their beauty and integrity.

Knowing Your Mug

Understanding whether your copper mug is lined or unlined is crucial. Unlined mugs will develop a patina over time, which some people love for its antique look. However, if you prefer them shiny, regular cleaning with lemon and salt will keep your copper items looking new. Lined mugs might require a little less care, as the lining protects the copper from tarnishing quickly but be sure to check for any damage to the lining, as it can lead to copper exposure.

Final Thoughts

Taking proper care of your copper mugs is important for both aesthetics and longevity. Natural methods like using lemon and salt are not only effective but also safe, avoiding the potential hazards of harsh chemicals. With these easy steps, you can enjoy your gleaming copper mugs for many more rounds of Moscow Mules, keeping copper toxicity at bay. Cheers to keeping things naturally shiny!


In wrapping up, caring for your real copper mugs with natural remedies like lemon and salt not only preserves their beauty but also ensures they’re safe for your favorite drinks. By steering clear of harsh chemicals and opting for simpler, milder cleaning solutions, you protect both the environment and the longevity of your mugs. Remember, whether lined or unlined, treating the outside and inside of your copper mugs with the same care will keep them in top-notch condition.

Using a soft cloth, a gentle scrub with a slice of lemon dipped in salt, or even a soft toothbrush for those stubborn spots, will require a little elbow grease but pays off immensely. After cleaning, always make sure to wash and dry thoroughly. I recommend using two towels to dry— one to remove most of the moisture and another to polish for that extra shine. 

This method is simple and effective, ensuring that your Moscow Mule in Moscow Copper Co mugs shines from the first sip to the last drop. So next time your copper mugs look a bit dull, just remember this easy, ECO-friendly tactic to bring back their gleam. Enjoy your beautifully maintained copper mugs at every get-together, and here’s to many more sparkling gatherings