Can Spode Christmas Dishes Go in the Dishwasher

Spode Christmas Tree dishes can handle the rough and tumble of your dishwasher. I know you might be worried about tossing such fancy tableware in with the everyday suds and cycles. It’s not just about them dinner plates, either—we’re talkin’ the whole shebang, from those serving dishes to the casserole pieces.

These dishes ain’t just for show; they’re a big part of holiday meals and you want to keep ’em looking sharp. But let’s face it, nobody wants to spend hours scrubbing plates after a big meal. So, the question is: Can these household treasures take a spin in the dishwasher without turning into a disaster? Stick around, and we’ll dive into what you need to know to keep your Spode looking spiffy while saving you some elbow grease. Let’s figure out how to handle this with care, making sure your festive gear is ready for many more seasons of cheer!

Got Spode Tree Dishes? Best Way to Wash ‘Em in the Dishwasher!

Got Spode Tree Dishes? Best Way to Wash 'Em in the Dishwasher!

How to give your Spode Christmas Tree collection the TLC it deserves, especially when you’re using a dishwasher. These pieces are more than just dinner plates; they bring that holiday charm right to your table, making them perfect for decoration and everyday use. But to keep ’em looking top-notch, you gotta handle them right. Here’s your go-to guide on the best way to wash your Spode dishes without fussing over every little stain.

Choose the Right Detergent

First things first—pick the right detergent. For these iconic Christmas tree pieces, you want something mild. Harsh chemicals can mess up the pretty surface of your china, so for pieces needing more caution, occasionally hand wash them instead of using the dishwasher. Go for a liquid detergent that’s gentle and designed for delicate dishes. This’ll help keep your plates sparklin’ without any extra hassle.

Set Up Your Dishwasher Properly

Don’t just toss your Spode china in the dishwasher with everything else; for some pieces, a gentle hand wash is recommended. Arrange them carefully, making sure there’s space between each piece to avoid bumps and scrapes. Use those extra racks for smaller items like your Spode baking dish. This ain’t just about cleaning; it’s about protecting your Spode dishes for everyday use and maintaining their decoration integrity.

Use the Right Dishwasher Settings

Not all dishwashers are the same, so check yours for settings that are china-friendly. You’ll want to use a gentle cycle that keeps the water temperature low to avoid thermal shock—yeah, that’s a fancy term for when sudden temperature changes make your china crack. It’s a real thing, and it’s a bummer, so keep it cool and gentle.

Final Tips for Maintaining the Charm

After the wash cycle, don’t just yank the door open and start grabbing dishes. Let ’em dry off a bit in the dishwasher to avoid any water spots or stains. Once they’re dry, take ’em out carefully and give ’em a quick check. If you see any spots, a quick wipe with a soft cloth can do the trick.

And there you have it! Using a dishwasher for your Spode Christmas Tree dishes doesn’t have to be a risky affair if you follow these recommendations. Keep things mild and gentle, and you can preserve the charm of your collection without the sweat.

Can Your Spode Dishes Handle the Heat? Tips on Avoiding Thermal Shock!

Can Your Spode Dishes Handle the Heat? Tips on Avoiding Thermal Shock!

Spode dishes looking sharp for everyday use and how to dodge that pesky problem called thermal shock. Whether you’re using your dishes for everyday meals or to entertain during the holidays, knowing how to treat them right can keep them serving up style for years to come.

Understanding Thermal Shock

Thermal shock happens when your dishes go through sudden temperature changes. Think of it like this: if you take a hot dish and splash it with cold water, or put a cold dish in a hot oven, you’re asking for trouble. This can cause cracking, crazing, or even shattering—definitely not what you want for your beautiful Spode ware.

Proper Prepping to Prevent Damage

Before you even think about temperatures, let’s talk about handling your dishes. Always avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools like steel wool. These can scratch the glaze and weaken the dish’s surface. Instead, use a wet cloth or sponge with some mild liquid detergent. For the best results, sometimes it’s good to let the dish soak a bit in warm water, especially if you’re dealing with normal household stains that just need a little encouragement to leave.

Gradual Temperature Changes

When it’s time to heat things up or cool them down, take it slow to avoid thermal shock; gently transition items from the microwave or freezer to room temperature. If you need to warm a dish, start with it at room temperature and then move it to a warm—not hot—environment. The same goes for cooling; don’t toss a hot dish from the microwave into the freezer or splash it with cold water. Let it come down to room temperature on its own.

Guidelines for Dishwasher Use

Even though your Spode dishes are pretty tough, the dishwasher can be a bit of a battlefield for them; consider occasionally hand washing them instead. To entertain without the worry, here’s what you do: make sure you’re using a gentle cycle with liquid detergent (powder can be too harsh). Avoid stacking other dishes too close to your Spode pieces, as they might bang against each other and cause chips or scratches.

Checking the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Last but not least, always check the manufacturer’s instructions, and look out for any specific code or Every piece of Spode, especially those intricate designs like the ones in the Tree 1938 collection, comes with its own set of do’s and don’ts—hand wash recommended for some. or the official Spode website can be great resources for finding specific care guidelines.

Following these simple steps will help ensure your Spode dishes can handle the heat and continue to bring that fantastic design to your table for many gatherings to come. So soak up the info, handle with care, and keep those dishes dazzling!

Review: Extra Tips for Entertaining with Spode Dishes – Dishwasher Safe?

Planning a shindig and thinking about breaking out those Spode dishes? Remember, they’re perfect for decoration or everyday use but handle with care. Here’s a review with some extra tips to make sure your entertaining is as smooth as your Spode’s glaze. And, yup, we’re gonna tackle that big question: are they dishwasher safe? Let’s dive into it.

Dishwasher Safe or Not?

First off, one of the biggest perks of modern day ceramics like Spode is their durability. But just because they can last, doesn’t mean they don’t need a little TLC. When it comes to washing, many Spode dishes are indeed dishwasher safe, thanks to their hard-wearing surface, but for some, a gentle hand wash is occasionally recommended. However, to keep those colors bright and prevent them from fading, it’s important to consider the type of detergent. Avoid anything with a caustic nature or too abrasive. Gentle, soapy water usually does the trick, especially if your dishwasher has a mild cycle.

Handling and Storage

When you’re setting the table or storing your dishes, how you handle them can make all the difference. Always lift and carry Spode ceramics with care—no sliding across the board or banging into cutlery and glassware, especially when using them for everyday decoration. And when it’s time to wipe them down, use a soft cloth to keep the surface looking shiny and new. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can scratch and damage the glaze.

Extra Entertaining Tips

Here are a few more nuggets of advice to ensure your guests are impressed, and your Spode dishes stay pristine:

  • Tip 1: Match your Spode with high-quality materials in your table setting. This doesn’t just add to the aesthetic but prevents harder items from chipping your dishes.
  • Tip 2: If you’re cooking and serving directly from Spode ceramics, ensure they don’t undergo rapid temperature changes. Allow them to come to room temperature first to avoid thermal shock.
  • Tip 3: For stubborn particles that stick after a meal, let the dish soak a little in warm, soapy water before placing it in the dishwasher. This helps loosen things up and makes the dishwasher’s job easier.

By following these tips, you can entertain with ease and keep your Spode dishes looking as fabulous as the day you got them. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal feast, your Spode dishes are sure to be the star of the show!


As we wrap up, remember that Spode dishes are more than just pretty tableware—they’re a practical choice for both daily use and special occasions. Whether it’s a mug of hot coffee or a full set ready for a holiday feast, these pieces are crafted to withstand the demands of entertaining. Bone china and high-quality ceramics are designed not just for show but for durability and functionality in any setting.

However, while Spode can handle a lot, including occasional use in the microwave, they’re not invincible. Avoid extreme temperatures like a hot oven directly or trying to boil something in them. The cookware is sturdy, but such extremes could lead to damage. Also, be mindful of acidic foods like those containing citrus, as they can wear down the glaze over time.

By caring for your Spode dishes with these tips in mind, you’ll ensure they remain a centerpiece of your gatherings for years to come, combining beauty with practicality in every meal. So, go ahead and plan that next big event or quiet family dinner—your Spode is ready to make it memorable.